AMD is expanding its Navi desktop GPU lineup with its upcoming RX5500 graphics card. The company is expected to make an official announcement on the 7th of October. Popular website VideoCardz has confirmed the same.

Alleged Specs

AMD RX5500 is expected to compete at the entry-level segment along with the likes of Nvidia GTX1650 and the company’s own Polaris based offering – the RX560. RX5500 is expected to feature 22 Compute Units (CUs) with a total of 1408 stream processors. The graphics card will use GDDR6 memory and be offered in 4GB and 8 GB variants.

While the number of Compute Units on the RX5500 graphics card is quite decent considering that the RX5700XT comes with 40CUs, it will be limited by its 128-bit memory bus. However, the card will pack quite a punch with decent clock speeds thanks to TSMC’s 7nm process node. RX5500 graphics card’s performance is expected to be in the vicinity of RX570 GPU although we will only be able to confirm once it is released.

Gigabyte’s RX5500 XT Filings

Gigabyte has also filed new SKUs with EEC for its RX5500 XT models, which further solidifies these reports although we will have to wait and see if there will be a non-XT variant as well.

AMD is also going to release its Navi-based RX5300M and RX5500M mobility GPUs sometime this year. They will come with GDDR6 memory and target Nvidia’s mobility offerings.

The entry-level market segment is expected to heat up with reports of Nvidia preparing the launch of its alleged 1650 Super and 1660 Super GPU variants. They will be introduced at the end of October.

We at PCPepper expect AMD to launch the RX5500 graphics card in the $175 – $200 price segment. The card will probably hit market shelves in late-October.